Wagga Wagga Alternative Spirituality

This group is no longer functioning, but if you would like to contact Victor, there may be enough interest to restart the group or reform it as something else such as a meditation group or a more social get together.

We live in a very complex, chaotic world. It can be very hard to find  a way of seeing life that makes sense for today that makes sense for people today. Traditional religions fulfill this need for many people, but some people seek something else that gives more freedom to explore.

The choices today are endless. There is New Age, Buddhism, yoga, Integral philosophies, tai chi, and many many other pathways. They each have something of value, and some things will suit you more than others. So, we invite you on a shared journey to explore some of the possibilities.

My name is Victor MacGill. I recently moved to Wagga Wagga and I am interested in finding people who may be interested in starting a local alternative spirituality discussion group.
We wouldl start off small, but who knows what we might be able to achieve. While I am taking the first move to initiate a group and have a great deal of skills and resources to offer,  I would prefer to see the group itself take ledership of the group and choose its own directions.

A Little bit about me.:
I was brought up in New Zealand and grew up in the Anglican Church, but in my early 20s became interested in the indigenous Maori culture, which also led to an interest in mythology and fairy stories and how they can help heal emotional wounds. I wrote a book about this in 1995 (When the Dragon Stirs). Around the same time I began exploring New Age beliefs,  other indigenous cultures and Buddhism.

I joined the Spiritualist Church and became the President of the Church in Dunedin, New Zealand. From there I moved on the to the Theosophical Society and became the President of the Dunedin , which I only left when I came here to Wagga Wagga.  An interest in the works of Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute, led on to an exploration of linking the Integral vision and Theosophy under the name of Integral Theosophy.

An ongoing interest in science from my school days meant an exploration of how scientific ideas such as evolution can be aligned with spiritual beliefs. A particular  passion  is the science of complexity, which I see as doing much to link science and spirituality. Quantum Mechanics similarly has much to offer.

You may wish to look at my personal website, my complexity website and the website for my up coming book, Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield: A Complexity Perspective on Human Evolution from a Violent Past to a Compassionate Future.
The sort of things we might like to look at:


Past lives
Universal Consciousness


Eckhart Tolle
Ken Wilber

Rupert Sheldrake
Bruce Lipton
Ervin Laszlo
Helena Blavatsky
Thich Nhat Hanh
Pema Chodron