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 January 2013

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Opera HouseThis will be the first edition of my newsletter for some of you. Of course,  much has been happening recently for me as I shifted back to New Zealand to live.

I had a farewell from my Tai Chi group (pictured below) just before I left Wagga Wagga and was farewelled at the Christmas Meal of OM:NI (Older Men New Ideas) before catching the train to Sydney. I had a day there before flying back to New Zealand on 16 December and began settling into a new life. I am staying with my Mum in the meantime until I work out what I want to do. Getting a job is the first priority.

I had been planning to attend the ISSS conference in Vietnam in July next year. I hope there still is a way for that to happen.

I attended the Convergence gathering and had a great time. It was a perfect place to get a space to reground myself and prepare for living a different life. I met lots of people from around Nelson, which will help me develop a network of friends and a community to be a part of. Everyone was amazingly supportive of my Convergenceresearch and people kept on coming up to me offering to help out. I took two two-hour workshops for people to recount their experiences of Convergence, where those who came talked non-stop. Back in Nelson I went back down to Okiwi Bay and also to Golden Bay for a BBQ where Nelson people who went to Convergence got together again. We are organising a local Convergence in Golden Bay for Easter that seems to be snowballing. I am sgarting to check out what groups are running locally. I have been to the local Spiritualist Church, Tibetan Buddhist Centre and have met with a theosophist about starting up a local group.
Tai Chi farewellTai Chi farewell
 I am working with Ray King, who is back in Wagga Wagga. The Rotary held a Peace Conference last September and we are editing a book of the speakers' talks at the conference. We started when I was still in Wagga Wagga and now we Skype each other to co-ordinate our work. I am waiting for all my possessions to arrive off the boat in the next few days.

hightideOn one of my walks the walking/cycle way goes under a bridge and at times the high tide means you can't get through, so there is sign about it, but if I cycle way below the high tide, won't I get wet !!

Best of the Net

Here is a really inspiring story of courage as well as confirmation that life is more than just our physical reality.

A slightly different angle on archetypes.

SEMCO is a truly amazing company in Brazil, where workers choose when they come to work, what they do and how much they get paid!!! but it works. Here's an article about SEMCO

You probably know about the Book Depository in the UK. It is like Amazon selling books, but it is especially great for the Pacific as they offer free shipping.

I have mentioned Jack Sarfatti before and the video of his talk about transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics. Dr Emmet Brown in the Back to the Future movie trilogy was named after Jack Sarfatti ( His TI is about the future affecting the present as well as the past). He said the American education system created weapons of mass stupidity. He talked of scientists drinking the hemlock of financial support when they accepted state funding.

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Books Victor is reading

With everything going on I am only just getting back to reading.

TohungaTohunga: Hohepa Kereopa by Paul Moon
I found this book on my first visit to the Nelson Library. The pickings there are a bit thin compared to what I am used to.  I was attracted to this book because of my time in the Maori community and meeting people like Hohepa. He lived deep in Tuhoe country and so had lots of experiences in the bush, which I did not get in the cities. I enjoyed reading this book

The Fifth DisciplineThe Fifth Discipline by Pete Senge
This is one of those books I thought I would have read long ago, but just got round to reading. It describes the 12 systems archetypes. For Senge an archetype is a pattern of behaviour often exhibited by complex systems. For example, limits to growth is an archetype describing a system which starts to grow exponentially but then has a limiting factor that slows the growth down, such as the population on an island slowing as the island can no longer support the growing community. Shifting the burden is a system that choses the short term solution that works for now, but creates bigger problems later, like an alcoholic drinking to cope with stress. It is full of good practical information.

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