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April 2013

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I am getting more and more settled into Nelson and gearing up for the ISSS conference in Haiphong, Vietnam in July. I have heard the Ervin Laszlo will be a speaker, so I am really excited about that.

The Theosophical Society weeknd workshop over Queens Birthday weekend is coming ever closer and preparations are going well. People will come from all over the South Island.

I am also preparing my talk for this year's school of Theosophy in Auckland in July (it will be a part of my travels to Vietnam

I have help from a local retired scientist for my PhD. This will be very useful as I  tend to feel pretty isolated not having the day to day contact with the unoversoty campus most students have.

We had a very successful Convregence Easter gathering at the Tui Community. Around thirty of us come together for workshops, circles, music dance etc. It will now be an ongoing event.

I also went to a Convergence working bee at the Journey's End site.

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Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield For people living in New Zealand I have brought copies of my book I can sell for $25 including postage, which is quite a bit cheaper than $21.50 + $22 postage (US) from Amazon. Just email me to order.

Best of the Net
This is a great paper along the lines of Foucault about how organisations are inherently violent

Maturana and Varela's concept of autopoiesis. This article looks at how panpsychism (the idea that the unvisers is infused with consciousness) can be combined with emergentism (the idea that when our brain was sufficiently evolved consciousness came into being.

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My book, Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield is now available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and  the publisher. If you are in NZ, I can sell  them for $25 including postage.

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