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  • Victor attended the ISSS and ASC conferences in Washington DC in July/August. He passed through 18 states vsiting Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Chicago, New York, new Orleans and Dallas as well. Photos here

  • Victor gains an APA scholarship through the University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Victor's book, Gonna Lay Down my Sword IS  AVAILABLE.
  • Over 184,000 visitors to this site and 147,000 to the complexity website

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Victor's Books 

When the Dragon Stirs
Healing our wounded lives through fairy stories, myths and legends.

When the Dragon StirsJoin me on an enchanted journey to meet your inner king, warrior, magician, lover, dragon and much more. We can use the power of myth to heal our emotional wounds and return us to a rich amd meaningful life.

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Gonna Lay Down my Sword and SHieldGonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield
A com
plexity perspective on human evolution from a violent past to a compassionate future.

Just what does it take for us to stop using violence against each other as we have done for so many millenia? Complexity Theory offers us a new way to look at our world and enables us to co-create a better future for ourselves and our children.

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Victor's Interests

  • Fairy Stories and Archetypes - Fairy stories and their characters reflect aspects of our inner lives. By working with them we can heal the emotional wounds of our past 

Who is Victor MacGill?

Victor shifted back to Nelson from Australia in December 2012. He is a PhD student through the University of the Sunshine Coast researching groups that operate without a structured leadership. This site explores his many interests



Bergli Homestay

Bergli Homestay

Bergli View

My sister and her partner run this homestay in Lyttleton Harbour


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Fairy Stories

victor wins the Vicker's Award

Victor winning the Sir Geoffrey Vicker's Memorial Award at the ISSS conference in Haiphong, Vietnam, July 2013

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